Mid-America Ministries


Church Ministries - Serving local conference church ministry leaders in planning and training for leading evangelism, small groups, family life events, recovery and spiritual development.

Communication - Publishing OUTLOOK magazine, managing the union websites and producing videos and other media products while supporting local conference communication directors.

Education - Supporting, supervising and developing the Adventist K-12 educational system in Mid-America.

Hispanic Ministries - Supporting local conference Hispanic coordinators and Spanish-language congregations functioning within the family of churches in Mid-America.

Ministerial - Facilitating personal and professional growth of Mid-America leaders through enhanced access to the latest resources for individual development.

Religious Liberty - Defending the rights of Sabbath keepers in the workplace while engaging in public affairs related to religious liberty.

Treasury - Serving Mid-America Adventists in regard to finances, stewardship and assistance with arranging trust services and other planned giving opportunities.

Women's Ministries - Organizing nurture and outreach opportunities for women through retreats, training events and other functions.

Youth Ministries - Helping our youth become influencers who fill the church with mission, vision and value.

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