Kindred Spirit Camporee

2017 Mid-America Union Pathfinder Camporee | Custer, SD
Welcome to the Website of the 2017 Mid-America Union Pathfinder Camporee.

Our theme for 2017 is still to be planned.  The start of the planning begins this summer when TLT's from accross our Union join together at Yellowstone to discover what God has in mind!

Please pray four the TLT's and Leadership as we continue to plan this Camporee.


Clubs from 10 states will descend upon Custer, South Dakota July 26-29, 2015 for a time of spiritual growth, empowerment, and fun as we camp out. Come see Buffalo, Caves, and Crazy Hourse and end it all with a March on Mt. Rushmore.  Come be a part of the epic experience!


2017 Mid-America Union Pathfinder Camporee | 8307 Pine Lake Rd | Custer, SD 68516